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urban legend

urban truck stop
urban reflections

concentrated urban population

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about that fog

yes, it's always foggy here.
the white thickness
uncovers shapeless gray almost-somethings
that fade away like the end of a song
and today another apparition...

not vague at all this ancient one!
what brought it into view?

was it the aroma of hot food from the little cook house?

did it rise against the staccato clapping of the metal horse shoes beating the pavement?

was it drawn to the bright blue color humming by?

maybe the ancient beast just wanted to be seen, noticed
and allowed to be

Saturday, August 1, 2009

after the storm

Friday, July 31, 2009

stand up paddleboarding

Saturday, July 11, 2009

it's always foggy here

Monday, July 6, 2009

directions to Whole Foods, WI: after leaving Madison, pull over on the side of the road close to that small mountain. Nobody over the age of 12 would try to climb up there. So go ahead, up you go! When you get to this flower, turn around and slide back down. This was not the best place to climb up.
Go over to where the this mountain is mashed up against the next mountain and go up here. I left you a trail. When you get to this spot, be careful not to trample this flower stalk. It marks the only opening between all those fallen limbs hidden in the grasses.
When you get to this flower, you've gone too far and that farmer with the electric pasture fence, Mr. Keep Out, doesn't like visitors. Carefully duck down, turn around, and head back where you came up but more along the topside of the mountain. Oh yeah, be careful of the thorns, you're getting close.
Here you are, Whole Foods! The ripe berries are down closer to the ground, so you have to get on all fours to pick your fruit. Leave some for that 2 yr-old black bear who's been wandering around here. No one has seen it for 3 days so not sure exactly where it is. Probably over on that other mountain.
afternoon sun, ground level
afternoon sun, bush level

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